Thursday, 1 October 2009

The posts that never were...

The ole' blog posts haven't really been flowing too good recently. There are lots of things that come into my head that should be posted on here, but i never seem to get round to it. Work has been getting pretty busy so now I have no time to sit on the internet all day. Anyway here is a few of the posts that never happened.

Busiest week of my life

Had a crazy week in work, worst one so far. Half my team were off and for some reason there was about 10 times more calls than usual. Lots of cake made me forget my troubles.

The Copa Cabana

Went to a fun frisbie tournament in Nottingham with CHASE which was good times all round. I picked up my shiny new shirt and felt a surge of pride as i put it on, long live CHASE. The fancy dress theme was Science Fiction so we went as Bill & Ted, we even BUILT a phone box out of wood and pipes, complete with a real phone. I was socrates but we only got an honourable mention for the costume prize, stupid transformers.

Northern Ireland 0 -2 Slovakia

This night was hyped up a bit. I was so excited. But they lost, shattering all dreams of little NI going to the world cup. Ah well, there is always 2014. I was thinking the other day about how I will probably have kids before they ever make it. That wouldn't be so bad, then they could be excited too.

(500) days of summer

First time I have been to the cinema in light-years. Its a brilliant movie, not quite as awesome as Yes Man, but still good. Zooey Deschannel is an indie queen. Got the soundtrack and have been listening to it quite a bit. Regina Spektor has two songs on it and they are unreal, will have to check her out.

The Gaslight Anthem - Live at Park Avenue

I try and hold back my vinyl nerdiness, but when this baby arrived through the door I was almost in tears its so beautiful. Released for Record Store Day 2009, these are super rare and super AWESOME!! Sounds real nice too. Anyway had to post a picture to share my joy.

That's what you missed, now I can get back to regular posts!

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