Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Hello again folks

So here is a little update for all my virtual friends out there is blog land. I am sitting in the dreaded computer labs again, and still not really doing any work. Anyway what is up with me these days? Well not a lot really, just chillin', doing some uni work, doing some radio, meeting some friends, sleeping a whole heap, things are good. Went to a Lord Of The Rings marathon on saturday which was really fun, although i was a loser and left after the first one, will have to watch the rest some time. Have been eating lots of takeaway pizzas recently, last 3 nights in a row in fact. Dominos, 4 star and express pizza have been getting some good trade from me!

Anyway this is a really crap post, so heres a sweet list of "lasts" to make up for it

Last song - No Woman No Cry - Bob Marley
Last food - Soup and a big baquette
Last movie - Eagle vs. Shark
Last album - The Answer - Everyday Demons
Last text - "Yo man send ur student num asap!"
Last purchase - Water & Haribo
Last gig - Megadeth
Last game - Rock Band
Last words - Until i can think of something better to post, Goodbye!