Saturday, 27 December 2008

Back In Black!

Yes, thats right, i'm back! Apologies for the lack of blog since september, university life keeps my hands pretty full. Its been a fun semester, more work to do, but still alright. I'm back at the ranch in Comber chillin' with the family for the holidays, things move a bit slower here, so plenty of time to blog, hurrah.

Its the day after boxing day and a good day was had. My mum & dad were at a wedding and my sister was having some friends round, so me and Reub (brother) decided to hit the town. We had a wholesome meal at McDonalds (Big Mac Meal, he had Nuggets) then went to movieland to see "Yes Man". The movie was totally awesome, i had a really good time watching it, made me feel happy inside! Jim Carrey is getting old but still makes me laugh, and the girl is quite cool, check it out, 5 stars from ben!