Sunday, 16 January 2011

The Library

After spending the first 3 years of my university career not knowing where exactly the library was, my finals have now changed things slightly. Most of my waking days are spent in the place, trying to pack as much information into my head as possible.

I will admit that the library is a great spot for it. Other people working hard makes you feel guilty for doing nothing. It does have its distractions though; When you are supposed to be revising Concurrent Programming, an atlas of Canada or a book of art from the October Revolution is an unusually tempting prospect. The people watching is also fascinating, no form of entertainment like it!

Here is where people,
One frequently finds,
Lower their voices
And raise their minds.

Richard Armour, "Library"

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Best of 2010

I was reading TIME the other day and decided to do my own best of 2010. When it actually came to write it up it turns out I didn't actually have much to say.

Film - The Other Guys

I went to see this movie with minimal expectations, probably the best way. I don't know if there was anything special about it, even watching the trailer back now it just looks annoying. I guess it was just funny. Or maybe I just liked the idea of Eva Mendes being my wife.


I haven't really got round to listening to many albums that came out this year. I think I spent most of the year listening to cheesy 80s songs on Spotify. I could literally rave about it all day, instant access to any song, it's the future. Seriously, if you haven't got it and like music, do it now!


I am in serious book trouble. I can't really remember the last book I finished. I used to love reading, but these days I have "no time". One to work on in 2011!