Tuesday, 30 June 2009

In the merry month of June. . . .

Hi folks, sorry there has been no action for about a month, things have been pretty hectic.
Here is what you missed in June.

The most awesome thing was that my friends Paul & Sarah got married last week! I hadn't been to a wedding in about 10 years and this one blew me away! It was such a great day and everyone had such a good time, weddings are so fun! Congratulations guys!

Went to Paris on Paul's stag which was a lot of fun. We didn't really do anything too crazy,
just stayed in a caravan and saw some sights. We met some cool american/australian girls and they showed us about a bit. We went out for dinner and made paul wear a dress which was funny, ate some snails too, were actually really good!

Finished my exams okay and passed them all, hurrah! The day I finished, we went down to the sea and Karl brought his new jet-ski, perfect way to let off some steam!

Went on tour with the Belfast Ultimate Frisbee team to London for a few days, definitely helped my game, looking forward to some summer league matches! We had some suitcase issues and i managed to ditch my roll-mat and a few other essentials, so i improvised and raided some bins for cardboard! Also slept in the airport for the first time, some random girls walking past branded me "disgusting."

I started my job with Blue Zinc a couple of weeks ago, so i am no longer a slacker but a regular 9-5 working man. The company seems cool and the people are friendly so the next year shouldn't be too bad. Holywood is a super sweet place to work, i can grab a sandwich from the hundreds of food places and then walk down and eat it on the beach, awesome!

Just home a few days from Duke Of Ady Gold! This is the annual camping trip with my buddies where we go to the mountains and make a big fire, cook lots of meat and swim in the river. This was the third trip and because its the summer, we got totally destroyed by midges, not cool.

On a slightly sad note, i moved out of my student house on Malone Avenue today. A lot of good times have been had in that dump, and it is going to be weird moving back home, but i don't think i will miss it too much. We had a killer beach party to give it a good send off, you can't beat a pumping disco in the living room! Cheers Matt, Karl, Mark, Ady & Chris!