Monday, 5 October 2009

I like football now?

Yes folks, I'm afraid its true. After all these years of fighting it off, I think I am falling in love with the beautiful game.

Our story begins in the small town of Comber, the Thomas Andrews Memorial Primary School, circa 1997. One frosty morning when I was chilling with my homies at breaktime, my friend Ross asked me, "Doesn't Michael look like Peter Schmeichel?" To which I replied, "Who is Peter Schmeichel?" This brought gasps of horror from my two chums, who then proceeded to enlighten me the ways of professional football. Ross was a Liverpool fan, Michael was Man United. Each tried to convince me to join them, and in the end I chose United.

It was a good timing, as the Red Devils were living through what I like to call "The Glory Days." The team was flipping brilliant, Ryan Giggs, Andy Cole, David Beckham, Teddy Sherringham, all the greats were in there. There is all sorts of great memorabilia still in my house, the little player figurines with massive heads, the completed 2000 Official Sticker Album (the only one I ever filled) and this great red shirt that said "The Treble - 1999!"

Over the years I gradually lost interest in Man U, developing much more exciting fascinations in skateboarding and punk rock. I still watched the world cup every few years, but for the most part, I was NOT a football fan.

That may all have changed ladies and gents. Fast forward about 8 years and here I am, a 20 year old IT support office worker. After a month or two in the job, the football season started and an office fantasy league was set up. I didn't really have much work to do, so I decided to round up some players and make a winning team! The players I chose were mostly the ones that scored the most points the first week and I am now sitting rock bottom in the work league. I think I may be hooked though.

The Purple Cobras
1. Shay Given (MC) - Not bad.
2. Ryan Shawcross (SC) - Started good, now rubbish.
3. Glenn Johnston (LI) - Started good, now rubbish, too expensive.
4. William Gallas (AR) - Needs to go, Ashley Cole is in.
5. Patrick Evra (MU) - Started shaky, but is a good lad.
6. Michael Ballack (CH) - Not great, too old.
7. Mark Noble (WH) - Pretty crappy.
8. Vassiriki Diaby (AR) - HAS TO GO, WE NEED GIGGS.
9. Louis Saha (EV) - Just got him in.
10. Didier Drogba (CH) - Awesome. Captain of the ship.
11. Wayne Rooney (MU) - Hasn't scored in a few weeks, now injured.
And some worthless subs.

Midfield is terrible, Defence not great either. Things don't look good.

Anyway, I have been paying a little more attention to the Premier League recently, just to check if my players have scored. One night I caught the weekend highlights and I was hooked! It was fantastic! The games seem to have much higher scores than they used to, there were brilliant goals left right and centre. This pushed me over the edge and it is now safe to say I like football.

Now, I can't be a credible football fan unless I support a team. So, I have been going over my options and these are what I have come up with.

1. Manchester United- My old team, although now they are kinda boring and always win.
2. Manchester City- The new Chelsea, got loads of money and bought all the good players. Pretty exciting to watch.
3. West Ham- My Dad's old team, currently fighting to get out of the bottom 3.

And so the decision has been made. Everyone supports Man U and I would be a glory-hunter supporting Man City, so West Ham it is! Everyone loves an underdog, Go Hammers!!

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