Thursday, 14 May 2009

Late Night Lucozade Energy

Up half the night working on a stupid project. Ady has done all the work and is still going while me and chris are sitting doing nothing on facebook. Anyway heres whats been going on in the world of ben.

-Got some exams coming up, the usual thing, should be revising a lot but it isn't really happening.

-My friends Paul & Sarah are getting married in about a month, that should be a lot of fun. I'm a groomsman and we are planning the stag trip to Paris! There is 6 of us heading over and the plan is to party and sleep in some super cheap hostel. Have to get berets to wear, complete the look.

-I got a placement sorted for next year which is cool. Working for a little IT company in Holywood (Its where all the stars hang) answering phones and making websites, the guys seem pretty cool so it should be alright.

Yeah thats about it, some exciting stuff happening once exams are out of the way, cant wait!
Heres a game to play, useful and fun! -

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