Sunday, 31 May 2009

Childhood is gone my friends.

Hurrah! It's my birthday! Yes, that's right people, Ben McFeeters is 20 years of age today!

Despite the fact that i have an exam tomorrow, today has been brilliant. Went out with the CHASE crew last night for some Volcanic Steaks and they did not disappoint! You get a 400'C hot piece of rock on your table and you cook your steak on it, it's brilliant fun! We then had a bit of a rock band party afterwards, cheers guys!

Got up this morning and headed to church where everybody had breakfast outside on the grass beforehand! It was an absolute scorcher and the summer atmosphere was totally in action, good times had by all. Came back home and lay in the sun for a while and then got a few presents. Exciting stuff, got a pair of slippers and a belt from the parents and a ps3 game and some nice grooming products from my bro and sis.

Grandparents called in for a while to say hello and then I hit the books for a hour or two of revision. Was a good day, chillin' in the sun, what more could a man want?

Regarding the exam, freedom is a short 15 hours away! My housemate Karl has just bought a jet ski, so i think some aquatic fun is definitely in order!

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