Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Party Of The Year!!!

Yes thats right, the party was the most pumping thing in history of the universe!

Saturday night went down a storm. It was the first real party in the new house and we got things off to a good start. We were sitting waiting for people to arrive from 7 and by half 8 we were convinced that no-one would show. At nine the doorbell rang and the party was saved!! We had about 25 people join the festivities and everyone had a great time. It was a "Las Vegas" theme and everyone dressed up nice, the boys in the suits and the ladies had all their showgirl gear on.

DJ Karl had massive speakers set up and a load of disco lights in the kitchen and the tunes were flowing, so before long the whole kitchen was dancing like crazy. The only house party i have ever seen with people dancing, it was crazy! The BBQ totally died and after not much food the poker got underway, We had 2 tables of 6/7 people playing, £10 per person, so there was big money to play for. After 6 hours of play, Steph took home the green, with Chris and Carter coming in behind. I scraped 4th place so sadly, no money for me.

Everyone hit the sack at about half 5, a great night had! Cheers to everyone who made it out, same time next week?

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