Saturday, 9 August 2008

Can't Sleep

Can't sleep. I'm meeting my chum dean early in the morning so tried to get the head down at a reasonable time, but have been lying awake for the past 2 hours. I hate when you need to sleep and can't. Blogging is the answer, not. I don't even know what to write about.

Having a Las Vegas night at the house tomorrow, it will be our first real party. Should have a BBQ and a big poker tournament and hopefully lots of people. Contemplating wearing my tux, but might just wear a suit, with a fake sideburns/mustache combo.

Got an email telling me about Counting Crows and The Hold Steady coming to Belfast sometime soon. I really like both band's music, but they were a real let down live at Oxegen so I probably won't bother going to see them again. Mastodon are coming too so have to check them out, i have heard some really good things.

This guy is having way more fun than me right now.

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