Friday, 8 August 2008

Nandos and Wanted

Hey all, sorry it's been ages since i posted, was away in france layin' on the beach (post to come).

Anyway, forgot to post what happened after Oxegen! Well, once we got home we all slept in and woke up hungry, so decided to go for some Nandos (its nando-mania in our house at the minute).

We headed down to Victoria Square and had some great chicken and stuff. The new odeon cinema beside was open so we went to have a look. Nothing good was on apart from Wanted, which according to the screen was unavailable. We went in and asked was there any seats and they said yes. "Okay, how much are tickets?", "Free" he said! Wahey! It was the opening night for all the critics to come and have a look round, but a load hadn't showed up so we got some nice VIP seats! Totally brilliant night, and the movie was awesome. Lots of cool stunts, action and funny too, kinda like an superhero movie for big boys. And Angelina Jolie is a fox.

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