Thursday, 12 August 2010

Infinity and Beyond

About 2 weeks ago I was looking at an old CD by a local band. As I read the sleeve notes, I noticed the line "This CD is dedicated to the memory of Christopher Gaston."

I used to know a guy called Chris who was from the same area and about the same age as the guys in the band. I shook it off and got on with the rest of the day, it's a pretty common name. Just today I remembered and did a few searches to find out if it was the same guy. It was.

I met Chris in my first year of secondary school. He was a prefect who used to guard one of the doors into the main corridor during lunch hour on a certain day each week. One day we tried to get past him and starting talking, he was just one of those guys you instantly love. We called him 'Buzz' for some reason and used to go back every week and hang out at the door.

He was a lot older than us and we used to think we were big lads when we saw him in the corridor. I remember starting to wear my schoolbag on both shoulders, (back when it was cool to wear it on just one,) because Buzz did it. He was a special guy, a real individual and a real laugh.

Today I found some of the music he made. My favorite is called "Leave".

It speaks volumes, that 10 years later I look at the impression he made on me, and I hardly even knew the guy. I can't imagine what it must be like for those who were close to him.

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