Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Flat tire

Woke up this morning with my tire as flat as a pancake!

Being the manly man that I am, I got out all my gear and set to work changing the thing. Half an hour later, now late for work and still at my house, I had still not got the stupid wheel off. One of the security bolts was pretty much destroyed and after all manner of crazy schemes to unscrew it, I gave up. I failed as a man and called a taxi.

This was not a total downer though, as my taxi-man was an absolute legend! He looked like "Johnny Boy," the old guy from that episode of Flight Of The Concords.

Anyway, he started off pretty quiet and then just exploded with chat and told me his life story. He was pretty old himself, but he told me all about his 89 year old dad. How he used to be a grave-digger but then broke his hip on both sides and had to learn to walk again. How he never smoke nor drank and was strong as a horse. Then his wife died and he started travelling the world, Great Wall of China, Russia, America, Safari in Africa. He had a big trip to Alaska planned recently, but then got a chest infection and had to give it up.

Then he started telling me about his dad's brothers and all the rest of the family, it was brilliant! I love a good yarn!

[Update] The wheel would just not come off. I ended up just blowing up the punctured tire again and driving to the garage the next day. Then the tire men had a good bash at it with their tools and it eventually came off. Hallelujah!

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