Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A Trip To Dublin

Queens Ultimate Frisbee team played their first tournament of the season on Saturday.

Here is basically what happened.
  • Left Belfast far too early (6:45am)
  • My engine overheated like crazy
  • I stressed out
  • We fed it some coolant and it was happy again
  • Drove to Dublin
  • Played some frisbee
  • Met some cool dudes
  • Played some Street Fighter
  • The ninja club told us to keep the noise down
  • Won the spoon and the spirit trophy
  • I lost my clothes
  • Was sad
  • Came back to the car and my tire was flat
  • Was sad
  • Almost got a barrier through the roof of my car
  • Went to a pub to get some food, only to be told that the chef was 'long gone' and they stopped serving at 9, despite the fact it was only 7
  • Talked to a nice man who told us about the Autobahn
  • Went to the Autobahn and had amazing burgers
  • Talked about life
  • Set off home
  • Listened to 'By The Way', which is amazing
  • Didn't fall asleep
  • Dave got a twister
  • Arrived back in the North
  • Went to bed

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