Thursday, 23 July 2009

Pet Shop Boys

Are the Pet Shop Boys actually cool? I never really knew much about them, just thought they were some terrible 80s keyboard boyband.
Anyway I was watching some T in the Park highlights on TV, nothing too exciting, Snow Patrol, Kings Of Leon, Lily Allen etc, when these guys came on and blew my mind!

They were playing in one of the small tents and it was such a cool set-up, the stage looked amazing and one guy sang while the other was in a little DJ booth. They both look about 60 and and the DJ was wearing this crazy hoody made of mirrors!! These little kids came on stage dressed as skyscrapers and started doing a little dance while they played this amazing song called "Why don't we live together." At the end the DJ came out and joined in dancing with the kids, all doing the robot. It was incredible!! Unfortunately theres no video on the BBC website but check out the song on Spotify, it rules!!

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