Friday, 24 April 2009

April Update

Hi blog fans!
Sorry for the lack of posts recently, i have come to the conclusion that life is too short to have a good blog, so updates will be pretty sparse from now on. I also quit my photo 365, which turned not fun pretty quick, i think i lasted until half way through march. It would have been good, but it is such a flippin' hassle that i just couldn't hack it.

So here's whats happened in the last while. . .

-Went to Kosovo
-Had some job interviews
-Won a rock band competition with "The Sons Of Thunder!"
-Had a brilliant St. Patricks Day
-Played football a lot
-Went to an awesome Queens Radio Gig/Party - best one yet
-Did some exams
-Been on some trips

Kosovo was the highlight, was there for 10 days on a trip with my church, doing kids work and a bit of everything really. Made some friends, had such a laugh, brilliant time. Its a beautiful place, the mountains are incredible. I'm sitting editing the video right now, will maybe post it up here when its done.

Heading to England tomorrow to play hockey, should be a bit a laugh, then back into uni for 3 weeks. Will be crazy hectic to finish things off, then have 4 sweet exams in May. One month and it will be summer, let the good times roll!

Anyway here's some songs i'm listening to on Spotify (Get it now loser!)

-The Used - Burning Down The House
-The Nightwatchman - The Road I Must Travel
-The Rolling Stones - Beast Of Burden
-The Pogues - Star Of The County Down

And this song which has the best video i have seen in a long time

Future Of The Left - The Hope That House Built

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  1. heya benbenbenbenben,
    great video, i wonder if that guy is actually peeing... i think so, lol.
    great link mate :]
    wee claire,