Thursday, 21 April 2011

Vive Le Football Libre

One positive thing about the football season coming to an end is the unveiling of the kits for next season. The French team signed a massive new contract with Nike and the results are beautiful.

"A new era inspired by creativity and attacking intent.
A fresh philosophy founded on possession and obsession.
A classic shirt created through innovation and elegant design.
French football enters a new era. The revolution is here.
Vive Le Football Libre."

This is a nice touch, printed on the inside of the badge.
"Our differences unite us"

The new away shirt is also fantastic, love the sailor style.

Goalkeeper kit is nice and simple too, may have to get myself one.

You have to hand it to Nike, they must have a crazy good design/marketing team. This stuff makes me want to support France, even though the team is currently terrible!

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