Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Midnight in a perfect world.

Here it is, another post where I am just about to head off on some crazy trip, totally stressed out, with about a million things running through my head.

I am going to Mayo for 2 weeks in about 6 hours time. I still have to pack my bag and get a good night's sleep; NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

I was in Italy last week, it was VERY hot. Swam in the lake, ate some Bolognese, played some cards, read a book, you know the drill. Went to Venice, it's pretty crazy. It's that city on water that falls apart in Casino Royale (Yes, it is the best Bond movie). Pretty crazy, no cars; so if you want a bus, it's a boat, if you want a taxi, it's a boat. If you want to cross the river, you give a guy 50p and he will take you over in his gondola, pretty incredible.

I got back 4 days ago and since then have been sitting at my computer sending emails, trying to get things organised before I go away again. I also watched some Lost to keep me sane, it's the final few episodes and getting good. Was out at frisbee training tonight, was good to get the legs pumping again. Need to get the fitness back up for the All Ireland Champs.

Right that's it. My stuff has finished printing so now it is time for another job to do. May your lives be stress free. Peace!

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