Friday, 9 April 2010

Escape from the bright lights of the office

Today has been a bit of a killer. My head has felt like a lead balloon and the phones haven't stopped ringing all day. I set off at lunchtime with a fiver in my pocket in search of some much needed replenishment for my body and mind.

I took a dander up the street, called in with my friend in the newspaper shop and then my feet just kept walking until I ended up outside Subway.

I went in and ordered myself a sandwich. There was a really nice vibe about the place. The radio was tuned to Magic FM and some Phil Collins was blasting out, which is exactly what you want to hear eating your lunch. The two guys working were a bit of a laugh, I got some banter with my order, a rare thing these days.

Anyway after my sub, I decided to get a box of the awesome looking new nachos for the journey back. My goodness people, they are INCREDIBLE!! Hot tomato and cheese with juicy jalapeƱos make Ben a very happy chappy. I went back to the office a new man; Yeah pretty much the best lunchtime ever.

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