Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Here's Johnny!

Folks, it's official. I am back with a bang!

I write to you on this fine morning of the 29th December and I feel good. The blog bug has once again captured my imagination and I am ready to rock!

Technically Christmas has just about passed. I am sitting in work freezing my ass off, but the Christmas spirit lives on! Anyway here's what went on the last couple of days.

The run up to Christmas is always great. I had a few gigs to attend and then an awesome frisbee tournament on the Saturday. Me and Chris entered a team with some friends and we didn't even come last! Then there was a totally whopper dinner dance when the frisbee was over. There was lots of grub and we all dressed up nice and danced like crazy people. Great times had by all.

Too much partying and not enough sleeping took its toll and I had to fight off the cold with about 40 lemsips to keep me in shape for the festivities! I had to work on Christmas Eve, but came home for some great family bant and the first exchange of presents! I got my brother a voice changer and he kept us all in tears of laughter with his crazy robot singing. We also watched The Dukes of Hazzard, Jessica Simpson is a fox!

The fantastic presents and family banter continued on Christmas and Boxing Day, with both sides of the family coming round for dinner. Lots of food and fun and the best thing about Christmas, sleeping by the fire.

On Sunday night, my friends John and Emma had their engagement party, congratulations guys! It was a very fun night, talking rubbish to lots of new people, eating loads of food, doing trivia with the dads, watching top gear and playing singstar. Me and Marco did a killer Ice Ice Baby but the the performance of the night went to the Hammond brothers!

Yesterday was my last day off, so i capitalized and did absolutely NOTHING!! It was fantastic!! I got up at about 11 and ate some bacon and eggs and then watched an episode of Planet Earth in High-Def, which is INCREDIBLE! I then got dressed, checked my fantasy football team, had a look at all the photos I had taken and then ate more food. Played Monopoly that night and then went to bed! WHAT A DAY!

I'm back on track baby.

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