Saturday, 5 July 2008

First Proper Post!

Hello World!

Here it is, the first real post!

Well, i woke up today in 57 malone avenue! Wahey!
It is my new house for the year and i got the keys on tuesday. Moving in with my bros Mark, Karl, Ady, Matt and Chris (in order of room numbers). Its cool, just a massive old house, thats kinda crap and dirty, but i like it. Its like 5 mins walk from my lectures, and it has a killer garden/alley combo. I took my mum to see it yesterday and she totally hates it, but i suppose thats what mums are for.

Anyway last night we found a Monopoly game that the old tennants left, and i love monopoly! The game started slow but eventually everyone got bankrupped or bored and after about 4 hours, i won! Wahey!

Watched "I Am Legend" about an hour ago, wasn't bad. Big Will is pretty much entertainment king, no matter what he does. My sister got it for me, but she and my brother has spilled the whole story and pretty much told me everything that happens, so i kinda knew what was coming. Still, it makes me appreciate my dog a bit more.

Currently Listening to: Stereophonics - Pass the Buck

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